keskiviikko 19. lokakuuta 2016

Seams jewelry

I have been collecting the side seams of jeans and trying to figure out what could I make out of them. At first I invented Seam Stress headband. And now finally I figured out where I can use the smaller pieces. May I represent: The Seams Jewelry.

Seam Stress head and wristbands, Seams Wrist wristbands and Hide and Seek vest 2.0.

Seams earrings.

Seinäjoen käsityömessut

So many fairs! The fish was also in handcraft fair in Seinäjoki. I had so much fun meeting different people. I liked having the workshop also. Thanks everybody who participated! Some photos from the fair:

The fish got interviewed by Janne Kataja!

The fish says hello!