torstai 24. syyskuuta 2015

Million pockets jeans

Dysto asked me if I have jeans with enough pockets. I told him to wait a while, took all the leftover pockets from Loose and Lo(o)ser fit jeans, and sew them together. I named these Million pockets jeans. So are there enough pockets, what do you think?

Vihree kala shirt used to be men's blouse, which was worn out from the collar. I changed the collar and Vihree kalanized the blouse a bit by dyeing and stuff, so voilá, cool shirt is reborn!

Million pockets jeans 220€
Vihree kala shirt 40€

What happened to the fish?

Lot of things. I think no one wants to read all the things what have happened, so let's tell everything with pictures.

We had Helsinki-Berlin ending party for the pop-up

#THEMACHINE waited patiently for the djs, but was abandoned in the corner :(

because of the new, smaller, million times better #THEMACHINE

Djs had also problems with very helpful #THEHAND

Next evening it was time to take everything off..

and say goodbyes for the pop-up!

But now is time for new adventures! The founder of the fish will be in Berlin for three months making an internship! Check out the blog (finnish only, sorry!): Berlin babe